Hiking Trails – Dogs Welcome

Eagle Lake Trail

Begin at the store in Big Bay, follow the road north for 250 meters to a direction sign post, then follow a trail that meanders through the forest, along wooden walk-ways and through a wind-fallen area until it reaches a small water reservoir where you cross Eagle Creek, take the road to the left, follow the signs. The first approach at the lake is at the shallow end, the road ends and a trail begins. 200 meters along the trail leads to a small dock with row boats. Swimming is allowed and there is a float in the middle of the lake.

*Level of Difficulty = 2
Distance from the store to the lake is 1.7km & just short of 2km to the Eagle Lake Dock.

cedar1Big Cedar Tree

Measuring 42 feet in circumference, the tree is located on the Loop Trail. The easier route is to hike the beginning of the Bassett Bay trail for 0.6km from the Eagle Lake Dock.
Difficulty = 2.5
The more adventurous route is to hike the Loop Trail before you reach the lake and the end of the road.
Difficulty = 3



Mossy Rock Trail

Begins at 0.5km from the store in Big Bay, detouring off the Eagle Lake Trail, just past the wooden walk-ways. The trail winds along the edge of a wind-fallen 3rd growth forest, skirts the base of Mt. Muehle where large, moss carpeted boulders rest among old growth cedars, a huge fallen Cedar tree with roots still intact and directly through new 3rd growth forest, fording Eagle Creek via stepping stones and connecting to the road at the sign post with directions to Eagle Lake or back to the store at Big Bay.

*Level of Difficulty = 2.5
Distance from the point of detour off the Eagle Lake Trail is 0.9km.

Loop Trail

Begins 200 meters before the end of the road at the lake. The trail starts at the edge of the swampy area of the lake, crosses over an old beaver dam and then follows an original animal trail between the base of Mt. Meuhle and Eagle Lake. This part of the trail leads along, over and under fallen trees, through the 2nd growth forest and large old growth stumps. Just under the 1km mark, you will come to the Big Cedar Tree, 100 meters farther, the trail meets up with the Bassett Bay Trail. Keep left and follow the easier trail back to the Eagle Lake Dock and the road returning to the start of the Loop Trail. Distance of the Loop Trail from beginning to end of the loop is just under 2km.

*Level of Difficulty = 3 on the mountain side and 2.5 on the Bassett Bay Trail side

Bassett Bay Trail

From Eagle Lake Dock, continue to follow the trail skirting the edge of the lake and follow the signs that will direct you along a trail through a valley, eventually meeting a road that will lead down a hill to the bay and rocky beach with a view of the Bute Inlet and Coast Mountain Range.

*Level of Difficulty = 2.5 going there and 3.5 – 4 (because of a long steady hill) returning to the lake.
Distance from the store = 3km.

*Description & Difficulty of Stuart Island Public Trails

Difficulty is based on a scale of 1 to 5.

1 = very easy stroll on mostly flat land with small inclines

2 = uneven terrain with obstacles

3 = medium activity level, agility, balance flexibility, coordination is a must

4 = moderate activity level (+ all of #3)

5 = very active (+ all of #4) without health  issues which could be compromised by stressful & exhilarating physical activity

Trail Map & Aerial View
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